Football Field Media is a smart way to spend your marketing budget. This is where your brand will rub shoulders with millions of football enthusiasts all year long. This unique formula allows you to choose from our many media bundles and be present in hundreds of football fields across the kingdom.

  • In 6 major cities

  • All high standards

  • All high traffic

  • Exclusive rights to us

  • Circuit packages

  • À-la-carte media

  • Matches any budget

  • Sponsorship packages

  • 18-24 M, low income

  • 24-40 M, high income

  • 5-15 M (academies)

  • Young Parents F/M


150 Football Fields

 Covering The Entire Kingdom 

present in the 6 main Saudi cities

with more concentration in the bigger ciries



We Choose Fields
According to Strict Criteria

to ensure that your brand is presented in the best possible way

High Traffic

we choose our fields according to a list of criteria. top of the list is their popularity. each field is a top sports destination in its region and attracts the biggest number of customers, renters, academies, events and spectators.

Ad Friendly

we choose fields that are designed to accommodate advertising spaces, F&B venues and that are constantly maintained, functionally and aesthetically. It is important that both the brand and the target audience relate to the spaces.


all our football fields run a public business. this means they are being rented out all week long, all day long. This also means that there are always people checking out the media. Always!

Our Fields Are Supported
by the 4 Most Popular Football Booking Apps

This means even more traffic and visibility. 






Attractive Media Offers

 Suiting any marketing budget 

& any campaign size

 Our circuit packages 

will match your marketing plan, whatever it is!

  Tailor-made Branding 

Made for you, by you!

 Sponsorships & Events 

Made clear & simple



We developed a comprehensive Circuit solution that provides the highest  exposure to brands. This is done by distributing your messages to a maximum number of venues, locations and media channels.

Tailor-made Branding

We can, when possible, adopt our clients’ plans and/or offer individual Media spaces for rent. Our team of consultants have an extensive experience in translating marketing needs into  concrete communications spaces.

Sponsorship & Events

Creating, managing, sponsoring or co-sponsoring events in any of our FFM is a great way of creating visibility. Our FFM program allows our clients to run events of any size and be in any of the 6 major Saudi cities.


5.5 Million Direct Audience

 an average of 120 visitors /day /field 

from very specific target groups


Academy students


High income (parents)

Decision makers




Low /medium income

Car owners

Tech savvy


Corporate males

Medium-high income

Car owners

Young Parents


High income

Health conscious

 Our Target Group is attracted by a wide range of products 

If you fall under any of these categories,  then we should make perfect sense to you.



Mobile Apps




Food & Beverage





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