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Are elevators the hidden gems of advertising?

We’re all familiar with the awkward silence of an elevator ride. The close proximity to others in a small space leaves us not knowing where to look or how to behave. This is often exacerbated by the loss of phone signal. In an effort to avoid coming off as rude or unpleasant, we tend to resort to the well-known strategy of staring at the wall while anxiously waiting to reach our floor.

For many brands, this is an ideal environment to communicate. Elevator advertising has proved to be one of the most simple yet effective tools to achieve consumer awareness and ad recall. Besides, when compared to other forms of advertising, elevator ads are low cost.

Due to the absence of distractions, ads in elevators capture the audience's attention in a unique way, which makes it relatively easy to generate buzz through creative, clever messages with high visual appeal. The effectiveness of this form of advertising is based on the captive environment of an elevator, which allows for exclusive attention without disturbance. This focused attention translates into a high recall rate, owing to the closer look that the audience takes at the ad. This is also aided by the positive way in which ads in an elevator environment are perceived.

A survey carried out by Ipsos in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam) showed that ads in elevators are regarded as the most modern form of advertisement and achieve a very high level of awareness. In fact, in terms of spontaneous awareness, interest, relevance and trust, elevator advertising only comes second to tv, outperforming more established mediums such as newspapers, the internet and outdoor advertising. 

Another conclusion to draw from the survey is the great versatility of elevator ads, showing great results for a variety of industries, including automotive, telecom, and the food industry. They also score high in ad recall, likability and purchase intention, with 96% of respondents claiming the ads encouraged them to buy the brand. 

In short, elevator advertising is a cost-effective solution that can be not only a powerful marketing tool for big companies and a strategic medium for marketers to increase their reach, but also an effective resource to attract customers and an accessible means of advertising for local shops.

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